Planning an Event

"The exhibition was listed on the Arts & Culture website which was really useful in attracting visitors from beyond campus."

Planning an Event


Are you  planning an arts and culture event?

From listing your event on our website advising you about how to go about planning and marketing your event, we are here to help.  From theatrical performance, to exhibitons, to public lectures there is lots that Arts and Culture can do to help you plan your event. Get in touch through our Contact Us page.


"The Arts & Culture department was a great support during the planning of an exhibition at the University. As this year’s Editor of Exeposé (the University of Exeter’s student newspaper) I had the task of  commemorating the 25th anniversary of the publication with an archival exhibition in the Forum. This at first seemed like a mammoth task, but with the help of the Arts & Culture team was able to learn so much and gain experience in putting the show together.

From the very start of organising the event Arts & Culture helped me develop my ideas. Discussing my plan with somebody who understood the practicalities of curating exhibitions helped me actualize the ideas that I had and get a good idea of what needed to be done.

Exeposé was also fortunate enough to receive some seed funding from the Arts & Culture department which covered the costs of hanging and printing the material that we wanted to exhibit. This was very helpful, as on a society budget hosting an exhibition can seem a little daunting.

Our exhibition was also listed on the Arts & Culture website which meant that lots of people were able to find out where the exhibition was held, and this was really useful in attracting visitors from beyond campus.  Having the information listed on the website was a clear and effective way of communicating with a mass audience, and contributed to the success of the event. I would recommend anyone getting in touch with Arts & Culture, with any questions concerning getting involved."

Zoe Bulaitis, Postgraduate and Editor of Exeposé 2012 - 2013