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Alexander Beleschenko



Toughened glass, digitally printed


Location: The Forum, Stocker Road,                
Streatham Campus

This stunning artwork was commissioned specifically for the University’s Forum building. It is set into the glass panes forming the front of the building.

The sources of inspiration for the work are all based on the University’s environs and some of its research work. Each of the forms that populate the glass has its own alphabet of colours, giving a broad range of hues through cool to warm. The warmer colours are on the sunny side of the building.

The colours in the artwork form a code and all the words relate to the University. The text is broken up into blocks and these are themed.
Alexander Beleschenko is inspired by creating positive environments with light and colour. He was born in Corby in 1951 and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.  He works from his architectural glass studio in Swansea.
Download a conversation and information about the colour codes of the sculpture here
Photograph © University of Exeter

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