Being Human festival showcases Humanities Research at Exeter 

We’re nearly half way through the wonderful series of events being organised by the Humanities Department of the University of Exeter as part of the national Being Human Festival which is designed to engage the public with Humanities research.

singing the past newsletter


All the events are free and cover diverse subjects.


Last week I went to see ‘Singing the Past’ ; a fascinating performance given by Dr Freyja Cox Jensen, a researcher in Early Modern History at the University of Exeter.


Along with her brother Dr Oskar Cox Jensen, Research Fellow at King’s she performed a series of ballads from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Ballad sheets were an early way of spreading stories in musical form, ballad sheets being sold in their thousands, on topics such as notorious crimes, famous leaders and lost love.


The performance was given in the recently-refurbished tudor house The Walronds in Cullompton, which helped to create just the right setting for the historical ballads.


If you would like to attend some of the wonderful events still to come as part of the Being Human Festival, check them out on the Arts & Culture website or click on the list here.

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