Two new sculptures on Campus

This Spring has seen two new sculptures on the Streatham Campus.

The first is a specially-commissioned bronze bust of Baroness Floella Benjamin, who has recently completed her ten-year tenure as the University’s Chancellor.

Baroness Floella Benjamin by Luke Shepherd

Created by Devon-based artist Luke Shepherd, the sculpture is set at a height at which visitors can approach and touch the work.

The second sculpture is created from Kilkenny limestone and was made by sculptor Peter Randall-Page RA, who is an Honorary Graduate of the University.

By Another Ocean III by Peter Randall-Page RA

Peter has kindly loaned the work, By Another Ocean III to the University for all to enjoy.

Both of these sculptures now form part of the University’s Sculpture Walk and you can view all the sculptures in the walk and download a pdf Sculpture Walk map here.


 New sculpture unveiled at the University

The Peacock, a sculpture designed by members of the University of Exeter’s Art Society and built in collaboration with local Devon artist, Ed Crumpton, was unveiled today.


The sculpture is formed from materials used in the construction of the Forum building and aims to promote recycling.


As well as an animal of beauty, the process of replenishment in the peacock’s feathers mirrors the construction of the Forum, converting old to new. In creating the sculpture, old hoardings have been used to create something new and beautiful.

The new sculpture which was unveiled today