Look at Yourself by Christy Ku


Look at Yourself  by Christy Ku


(Undergraduate Student reading English)


Winner of the Paddon Award 2016

When you’re very young, you don’t care about your appearance. But then you grow up. People hurt you, they hurt others and soon you learn to hurt yourself.
I remember when I was about 13, I started feeling revolted every time I saw my reflection and I would look away.
I would still admire how other people looked. Their hair, their clothes, their looks. At one point I realized that, chances are, someone somewhere at some point must have thought the same thing about me.
It’s hard to celebrate yourself – it’s seen as vain and conceited. But if someone insulted your best friend and called them ugly, you would knock them down.
So why allow your bad thoughts to insult yourself?
Also, you’re not celebrating yourself over others - if you can see the beauty in other people, why not yourself?
It was difficult to make this – I’m not a “proper” filmmaker and some people were trying to make me feel and think that I wasn’t very good. But - I am a storyteller at heart. I made this myself on a camera that was a Christmas-birthday present and my camera stands consisted of ledges in parks and stacks of books. I generally have no to little makeup as some of this footage was shot spontaneously and collected over a long period of time.
I mostly made it for me, but I made it for you too.
Film ©Christy Ku
Reproduced by kind permission of Christy Ku