Copyright and Disclaimer

Title to Copyright

In the absence of specific statements to the contrary copyright for the entire University of Exeter Arts and Culture (Arts and Culture) website web server located at (the 'web site') (as a compilation or as a whole) vests in the Arts and Culture  Department at the University of Exeter.

Alternative Title to Copyright

If any information contained within the University's Arts and Culture web site is the property of a third party, the identity of the third party will be clearly stated within the content of the information and/or encoded as a META statement within the source code of the information.

Moral Rights

All Moral Rights remain the property of the author/creator of information included in the University's Arts and Culture web site.

Reproducing content from the Arts and Culture website
Website content that is Arts and Culture copyright may be reproduced for the non-commercial purposes of research, private study, criticism and review, or for limited circulation within an educational establishment (such as a school, college or university).

However, the following acts are not permitted in respect of any of the content featured on Art and Culture’s website:

• Reproduction of website content for commercial purposes, or any rental, leasing or lending of content obtained or derived from the website
• Any use of the Arts and Culture logo, brand identities or Arts and Culture trademarks without prior consent from Arts and Culture
• Any considerable public dissemination, display or hosting of website content via any third party platforms, including without limitation, the substantial or repeated extraction and/or storage of Arts and Culture website content in any retrieval system, or inclusion in any other computer program or work
• Reproduction of Arts and Culture website content on any social media platforms, except where other terms allow
• Inaccurate or distorted reproductions, colour treatments, alterations or adaptations of website content, except where other terms allow
• Publication of any unauthorised translations or transcriptions of website content, except where other terms allow
• False attribution of authorial or copyright credits, and the removal of any Arts and Culture metadata from digital file formats
• Unauthorised text/data mining of website content and metadata


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on the University's Arts and Culture website is accurate at the time of creation and/or modification of the website. However, Arts and Culture cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of information contained on the website and shall not be responsible for errors or inaccuracies. Arts and Culture reserves the right to make changes to or take down the website or remove or alter any content at any time and without notice. Under no circumstances shall Arts and Culture be liable for any reliance by you on any information which is made available on the website. Further, the Arts and Culture department does not in any way guarantee that the website will be available, uninterrupted or error free.