Culture-Makers, the New Generation 2015


Culture-Makers, the New Generation 2015


Dr Anastasia Somerville-Wong (University of Exeter) is leading the project 'Culture-Makers, the New Generation' in collaboration with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.

The project explores how new digital technologies and more accessible, higher quality digital cultural content could transform research outputs both now and in the future. The ultimate aim of the project is to broaden and enhance user access, experience, understanding and engagement with research outputs which use digital cultural content.

This will be for the mutual benefit of researchers, the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives and museums), and the creative industries. We are especially keen to engage the new generation of early career researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

A key objective for project events will be networking and building the foundations for collaborative spin-off projects.

The project will begin with a series of inspiring presentations delivered by high profile speakers, which explore the future of innovative digital research outputs in collaboration with the culture sector and high-tech creative industries. Networking opportunities will be facilitated both online and during the events, with a follow-up poster exhibition and think-tank to be arranged after the presentations have taken place. The presentations will take place at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, in conference room A, in April and May 2015. All the events are free so that as many researchers, entrepreneurs, software developers and cultural heritage representatives as possible will be able to attend. 

This project is for the benefit of;

  1. Postdoctoral researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences who take a particular interest in innovative research outputs and working collaboratively with cultural heritage institutions and digital tech companies.  It will also be of interest more widely to postgraduate students and academic staff.
  1. Researchers in the area of computer/digital science who are interested in collaborating with colleagues in the fields listed above and with the culture sector.
  1. Cultural institutions, particularly in the South West, such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums, who provide digital cultural content for use by researchers, and who may wish to collaborate with researchers on future projects.
  1. High tech creative industries, especially digital technology firms and entrepreneurs in the South West, who may provide innovative means for the publication and dissemination of researched and curated cultural content.

Participants will learn about;

  1. The digital resources being devloped for researchers in the culture sector (galleries, libraries, archives and museums)
  2. The opportunitites available for researchers to collaborate with the culture/GLAM sector
  3. The possibilities for innovative digital publication and dissemination of researched and curated cultural content in collaboration with the high tech creative industries
  4. The strategies for manging IPR, especially within collaborative projects
  5. The progress being mafe with digital collections and agenda on national and international levels

Events Schedule:

Lecture 1 (8th April):  Richard Boulderstone, Chief Digital Officer, British Library

Showcasing the resources being developed for researchers in the culture sector and the ways in which researchers can contribute to the curatorship of digital and physical exhibition spaces in collaboration with GLAM institutions

Lecture 2 (15th April): Simon Cronshaw Co-founder of Remix Summits and previously CultureLabel

Exploring the potential for collaboration with digital tech companies for the purpose of more innovative, accessible and enhanced publication and dissemination of research outputs and curated cultural content

Lecture 3: (22nd April) Jon Dovey, Director of REACT (AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub) & James Lyons, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter

Demonstrating how a previous research project worked in collaboration with the culture sector and used GLAM content, publishing digital outputs in innovative ways

Lecture 4: (27th May) Prof Charlotte Waelde, University of Exeter, School of Law

Thinking about best practice for the use and re-use of digital cultural content and the challenges and potential of IPR in collaborative projects

Lecture 5: (date tbc) Nick Poole, CEO of the Collections Trust

Exploring the international dimensions of collaborative projects, and the global, European and national landscape of digital collections, especially the larger collections, repositories and networks and their aims and agendas for the future

Think-tank (date tbc)

A think-tank discussion will be held as a follow-up to the lecture series and will provide a further networking opportunity.

Networking Event (date tbc)

There will be an exhibition of posters on participants' current projects, research and commercial propositions involving the use of digital cultural content and new tools in creative outputs.

All events will be held between 3 and 5pm with Q&A following the presentation and then tea, cake and networking during the final half hour. There will be continued opportunity for networking after each event in the Phoenix bar nearby.

Register to Attend:

Please register your attendance at Eventbrite:

(Registration is necessary as we have limited space.)

Those attending are welcome to bring their own project information and promotional materials for distribution.

This project is a Researcher-Led Initiative that has been funded by the University of Exeter Researcher Development Team, and the University of Exeter’s College of Social Sciences and International Studies Strategic Discretionary Fund.