Deborah Duffin - Multicoloured Zigzag, Citrus Circle and Blue/Orange Zigzag with Oval

Deborah Duffin

Multicoloured Zigzag and Citrus Circle

Wire and recycled materials

Acquired 2011
Location: First floor gallery, the Old Library, Streatham Campus
In 1995 Deborah Duffin carried out a major work for BT to celebrate their change over from analogue to digital. They delivered a van load of old telephone wire, with which she made a 7m triptych.

This brought an exciting array of colour into her work and prompted her to look at her own waste as a source of materials - she tries to use those that would otherwise be consigned to landfill.

Packaging comes in an assortment of colours, textures and materials. This has allowed her to mix colour as a painter might – juxtaposing colour to create a modulating effect. This leads the eye along or around the form, creating a richness of texture and colour.
Observational drawing of the natural world underpins her work – rhythms and patterns in the tiniest shell and the most expansive landscape come through - Irregular repetition fascinates her, and the way each rock, stone, or landscape is made up of many tiny fragments of colour.
Architectural features provide a framework and foil for the organic shapes of the work, which in turn brings to life the space it inhabits.

Both Multicoloured Zigzag and Citrus Circle are made from wire and recycled materials: cut up bottle tops, containers, ring pulls and electrical components.


Blue/orange Zigzag with Oval


Wire and recycled materials


Location: First floor gallery, the Old Library, Streatham Campus
This is a two part piece commissioned by University, designed especially for the space to enliven the wall around the information screen.
It brings organic forms from the natural world into the geometric shapes of the space and is made from recycled materials.
The colours used reflect the colours elsewhere in the room, and highlight the huge range colours, textures and forms of the waste materials we consign to the bin with hardly a glance, as we go about our daily lives.
Photographs: © University of Exeter





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