Deborah Duffin - White Entwined

Deborah Duffin


White Entwined


Various wires: recycled, electrical and galvanised wire


Location:   Walnut Tree, Poole Gate, Streatham Campus


Artist's Statement:

"Walking through the campus grounds, the glorious collection of trees set my imagination going – images of sculptures entwined around trunks, held within the grasp of multiple branches, dangling from on high, and interlaced with the natural forms, which inspire my work.  When this piece was commissioned by the University, I sought to create a sculpture which would work with the tree: a piece with the feeling of a living organism which became part of its host, rather like the Wisteria already at home on its trunk; yet at the same time with a presence of its own.

I envisaged a shape, which would descend from a branch of the tree, with a tail providing both a visual link and the means with which to tie the work to the branch. The pale colours of the shape were selected to show up against the background of greenery, and the tail (entwined around the tree) allowed for a gradual change towards the colour of the bark – a mixture of pinks, greens, browns and greys. Thus mimicking both the colours in nature made up of millions of tiny flecks of colour and the way a painter might mix colour on canvas. The techniques I use of tying, twisting, bending and weaving become a visual equivalent of the meditative energy that goes into the making and somehow infuses the finished work with a quiet, but life-filled, state of being."
Deborah Duffin  2014


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