Elaine M Goodwin - Breathing the Eternal

Elaine M. Goodwin

Breathing the Eternal


Venetian & Ravenna Mosaic Gold


Location: The Mary Harris Memorial Chapel, Streatham Campus

A triptych exploring Life - the existing moment and the next moment and so on...

Placed in a sacred setting, as here in a chapel - the work takes on the deep symbolism of those who look with deep religious devotion. The gift of life to Christians by their Lord can be experienced within the light of the mosaic.
Elaine M Goodwin trained at Exeter College of Art and Design. She has exhibited extensively and has written several works on mosaics and design.
Together with other prominent mosaic artists, she also founded
Tessellated Expression for the 21st Century (TE-21), a group of professional artists dedicated to raising the profile of mosaic as self expression.

She is the Founder President of BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaic).

She was awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters (DLitt) for outstanding contribution to the world of art, by the University of Exeter in July 2010.
Photograph: © Elaine M Goodwin

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