Elaine M Goodwin - Mists II

Elaine M Goodwin

Mists II: The Known & The Unknown

Venetian mosaic gold


Funded by the Class of 2012 Project and the University of Exeter

Location: Forum Reception, Stocker Road, Streatham Campus

This is one of two mosaics on the theme of mist, directly inspired by the artist’s visits to Venice. She has visited this glorious, magical city every year for many, many years to visit her friends at the Orsoni mosaic factory and buy the materials she uses in her work - the golds and the special glass called smalti.

Elaine says, “I feel an intimate connection with the city, and have experienced it in every  type of weather: rain, sparkling sunlight and above all in the heavy mists of  an early morning when even parts of the city I know so well become a mystery to me and all my certainties become disoriented.”

“This theme of relative knowledge for our human understanding and absolute knowledge for Truths is one I find myself frequently turning to.”
Elaine M Goodwin trained at Exeter College of Art and Design. She has exhibited extensively and has written several works on mosaics and design.
Together with other prominent mosaic artists, she also founded Tessellated Expression for the 21st Century (TE-21), a group of professional artists dedicated to exhibitions of mosaics.
She was awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters (DLitt) for outstanding contribution to the world of art, by the University of Exeter in July 2010.  She is the Founder President of BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaic).
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Photograph: © Elaine M Goodwin

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