Elaine M Goodwin - Touche

Elaine M Goodwin





Location: Xfi Café, Streatham Campus

Elaine M Goodwin has always had a fascination with the Human form. She says it is, after all, the only organic form she is intimately connected with!  

The separateness and the coming together of one with another has been and continues to be a seminal theme for exploration by her since she was an art student. It is one which unceasingly inspires awe. This mosaic explores this concept...

Elaine M Goodwin was awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters (DLitt) for outstanding contribution to the world of art, by the University of Exeter in July 2010.  She is the Founder President of BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaic).

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Photograph: Courtesy Elaine M Goodwin

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