Europeana Space Project


Europeana Space Project                 


A project which aims to increase and enhance the creative industries’ use of digital cultural content and Europeana by delivering a range of resources to support their engagement.


Inspiring Innovation

The project ‘Spaces of Possibility for the re-use of Europeana content’ is funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. This work is in collaboration with Prof Sarah Whatley (Coventry) and twenty-eight international partners in the culture and heritage, creative and technology industries as well as higher education. The use of content is still limited by factors including the issue of IPR status and the need for robust business models that demonstrate the potential for exploitation of available content. In addressing these problems, Europeana Space brings together high-level expertise from the European creative industries, technology-based enterprises, the cultural heritage sector and higher education.

The project will enable the exploitation of Europeana by entrepreneurs and technology-based enterprises (especially SMEs). It will ultimately create new employment opportunities and foster innovation and economic growth based on Europe’s rich digital cultural resources.

Project Objectives

The ESpace project will provide an open environment for the development of applications and services based on digital cultural content. The use of this environment will be fostered by a vigorous, wide-ranging and sustainable programme of promotion, dissemination and replication of the Best Practices developed within the project. The extensive resources and networks of the Europeana Space consortium of 30+ partners will be drawn on to ensure the success of the project.

Role of the University of Exeter

The team at Exeter, and Packed, a Flemish Centre of expertise in digital heritage, are working on the Content Space; a platform of guidelines and tools for more efficient identification of re-usable content in Europeana, mapping and ingestion of new content in Europeana, improving content rights labelling (including the use of new technologies for embedding of IPR information within content and keeping content secure), developing sustainable models of rights clearance for re-use, navigating existing licensing options, and providing examples of bespoke licenses to underpin business models.

The Content Space will be populated with the metadata and digital objects provided by ESpace partners. It will support the overall aim of the project; to make the availability, use and re-use of content by creative enterprises as open as possible, while providing the legal framework necessary to protect the rights of holders of digital content. Our subcontractors, Open Knowledge Foundation, will be providing an Open Knowledge Exchange Platform for the Content Space in order to optimise the use of public domain content in Europeana. Other tools in the Content Space will include a risk management toolbox, standards for the use of sensitive heritage, and suggestions for the management of user generated content, for example, in hackathons.

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