The University of Exeter Arts & Culture team invite you to an Open Space meeting to help answer the following question:

 How Should We Do Culture Together?

Exeter Corn Exchange - Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BW

28th February 2017 from 9:30am to 4:30pm


The University of Exeter is refreshing its approach to Arts & Culture.



Its research, impact and educational activities engage with people in many different ways; through its internal and external networks of alumni, staff and cultural partnerships; and the student body which is an integral part of the cultural life around our campuses in Exeter and Cornwall. But we recognise that the University could be better connected, and more mutually supportive of the exciting, distinctive cultural life of the region.



To that end we are inviting you to join us for a day’s conversation and action at Exeter Corn Exchange. We want to work, share and think together in new and beneficial ways. We want to hear the suggestions and challenges, the stories of success and hidden opportunities that you think could shape the University’s activity.


We want to hear your response to the question ‘how should we do culture together?’


How will it work?


We’ll be using an approach known as Open Space which is an established meeting method that helps people work on defined questions or problems in a way that gives space for whatever they think is important or relevant. Questions and solutions emerge in a way that can be playful, but still feels like hard work. It works best for questions that can be stated clearly, but that are complex in many ways.


Who is this for?


You may be a member of staff or a student at the University, you may not. You may be expert or professional in some capacity, you may be beginning your personal journey in this area. You may not think of art, culture, or universities as ‘your thing’, other than they affect what is important to you in some way.


If you feel this is worth talking about, then you are the right person to come along.


What we can’t promise:

We can’t guarantee that questions or challenges that are discussed will be ‘solved’. Nor can we guarantee how outcomes will be taken up or acted upon later. The Arts & Culture activity that the University will support following this exercise can’t be all things for all people.


What we can promise:


Whoever attends will be able to contribute. Whatever people bring up will be addressed. We are asking for help to address this question because we want to be guided by the opinions of those who care enough to come.


And we will provide plenty of coffee and tea.


Register you place via the 'book tickets online' function on this page.


The event will be facilitated by Dick Robertson


Dick has over 25 years' experience in leadership and organisation development and, in particular, has worked extensively in the last 12 years or so in the arts and culture sector. He has used Open Space extensively for groups from 30 to 300 and has been closely connected to ToppingPoint since 2005 - an organisation that brings artists and scientists together (in groups of around 100) on the subject of climate change. He has also worked with Arts Council England, Dartington Trust, the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton, Derby Playhouse and the Clore Leadership programme.




To find the venue go to here:


Lunch is not provided but there are many cafes and takeaways close to the venue.


If you would like to contribute but find it difficult to attend becuase you are coming from outside of Exeter, we are offering ten bursaries of £50 towards travel costs. Please include your name, where you'll be travelling from, and a short explanation of who you are and why this is important to you when you register.