art exhibition

 Devon Woodlands

by Richard Rochester

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The Innovation Centre - University Of Exeter Campus Exeter, Devon EX4 4RN

22nd June 2017 - 29th June 2018 from 9am to 5pm

Richard Rochester is an Exeter based artist who works in a variety of media ranging from large-scale charcoal drawings to small-scale etchings and porcelain sculpture.  His themes are varied but are frequently connected to the natural world.

The works being exhibited at the Innovation Centre are from a series of large-scale charcoal drawings that explore the Devon woodlands. They attempt to encourage a re-evaluation of scenes that are familiar to us all but that we sometimes under-appreciate because of this familiarity.

Richard is also interested in the idea that all human beings benefit psychologically from interaction with outdoor space, an idea that is broadly described within the hypothesis of biophillia. He does not necessarily, therefore, try to capture the most spectacular or dramatic scenes but aims to portray the scruffy reality of a typically rough British country scene and to trigger memories of being in such places. The viewer is confronted with options and ambiguities such as pathways and barriers, debris-strewn ground, lost horizons and shadows. Instinctive responses might be to consider whether the space is safe and whether to advance or retreat as well as the potential for shelter or sustenance. He believes that these are considerations that we all make instinctively and subconsciously but which lie dormant most of the time.

The exhibition also includes a small display of Richard’s sculptural and print making processes illustrating simple methods of producing multiples of the same image or sculpture.


The exhibition, which is situated in the cafe area of the Innovation Centre on the Streatham Campus,  is open on weekdays (except bank holidays and University closure days) and runs until 29 June 2018.  Entry is free.


From June 2017 to June 2018 Richard will be Artist in Residence with Devon Wildlife Trust and will be tracking Bystock Nature Reserve on Woodbury Common. He aims to document the changes that take place over the 12 month period and to highlight the work of the Trust and its volunteers to manage such a diverse and complex site.


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