BSO – Colour and Light

Debussy, Chopin and d'Indy

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£16.00 - £40.00
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The Great Hall - University of Exeter

26th October 2017 at 19:30

Running time: 120

Conductor, Fabien Gabel

Piano, Louis Schwizgebel

The father of musical Impressionism, Debussy’s music displays a palette of bold colours and delicate interplay of light as any painting by Monet or Renoir. Meandering harmonies weave from one bar to the next in an organic flow, nowhere more so than in his symphonic masterpiece La Mer. It is a gorgeously sensual evocation of the sea in all its variety, from the sparkling glint of the water to the brooding immensity of its power. Printemps foreshadows Debussy’s later works with his use of gentle pentatonic melodies and oriental exoticism.

Written to show off his extraordinary talent, Chopin’s E minor Concerto opens with a grand orchestral sweep before the piano enters with a dazzling display of technical virtuosity, culminating in a race to the end with a series of blazing scales and arpeggios both enthralling and exhausting. D’Indy’s delightfully descriptive piece tells the story of a knight and his fellow warriors encountering a troupe of elves as they ride through the forest, the mood changing from the darkly forbidding opening through the light and airy elf theme to the quiet stillness of the ending.


Debussy Printemps
Chopin Piano Concerto No.1
d’Indy La Forêt enchantée
Debussy La Mer