Remembering the Dead in Bahraini Shia Cemeteries

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Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies - University of Exeter

18th January - 28th March 2018 from 9am to 5pm weekdays

Cemeteries are contexts in which the dead are remembered by Bahraini Shia communities through visitation, grave based commemorative practices, and material culture.

Plastic flowers, incense burners, rosewater bottles, containers for watering plants, fragments of cloth wrapped around stones or other objects on the grave, and decorated flags are all items that can be left at the graveside.

As an unstudied aspect of Bahraini life and illustrating the diversity of Muslim practice in Bahrain and the Gulf, the artefacts, graves, and cemeteries are represented in the exhibition by images and a small display of material culture, collected as part of a larger project recording historical gravestone inscriptions on Bahrain.

Exhibition open weekdays: 9am-5pm, Thursday 18 January –Wednesday 28 March 2018.  Entry is free. All are welcome.

This exhibition is presented by Professor Timothy Insoll and the Centre for Islamic Archaeology.


For further information please email Professor Timothy Insoll: t.insoll@exeter.ac.uk