All About Migration

a collaboration of art and science

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Hope Hall (Heavitree) - Hope Road, Heavitree, Exeter, EX2 5JN

14th - 22nd September 2013 from 11 am to 6 pm

An exhibition which is the end result of a global, public-participatory art-science collaboration with the University of Exeter.  The artist Naomi Hart sent out 10,000 postcards in the shape of geese all over the world, asking people to write on them and post them back to her.   Those that complete their 'migration' will be hung in a giant, indoor flock of birds.

As individuals, birds are vulnerable, insignificant - en masse, in migration, they signify a powerful force of nature: the desire to move, to return as part of a great lifecycle. They are reminders of our individuality and our part in society as humans, of our indivisibility from community. We see in them also metaphorical and physical parallels to ourselves as travellers in the world. Following the migration of the cards, and through them, the birds, re-explores our relationship with our identity, our environment and our sense of place.

The postcards are at the mercy of people and fate – some will never be sent back, some will get lost en route, of those that make it back, some will be disfigured, and yet they all tell a story of where they have come from. The project has been developed and promoted using social media and as such is perhaps a democratisation of art.  In the same way that politics has become 'of the people' through Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia: anyone can post their comment, anyone can tell the world what is happening and report the news. Perhaps, too this artwork no longer belongs to the artist....

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More information about the project here.