Jubilee Water Walk


Jubilee Water Walk

The Jubilee Water Walk has been developed in the University of Exeter's Diamond Jubilee year. The walk, open to University students, staff and the public, helps you discover and enjoy the wonderful water features on the Streatham Campus.
A leaflet has been developed which includes a map and guide of the water features on the walk.  You can take in all seventeen water features or pick one of two shorter walks, also shown on the map. Alternatively take time out to enjoy one water feature at a time.
The Jubilee Water Walk is part of the Diamond Waterways Project, led by the University's Sustainability Department in partnership with Estate Services, Wellbeing, Arts and Culture, the Students’ Guild, our research community, staff and students. The project, initiated to mark the University's Diamond Jubilee, involved remedial work to waterways on Campus to enhance accessibilty and benefit wildlife ecology. Find out more about the Diamond Waterways Project here.

Why not experience the Water Walk using a special web app designed with mobile phones and tablets that you can take with you on the walk?  Click here to take the Jubilee Water Walk using the Placeify Web App.

The idea for a water walk on campus was originally devised by artist Pery Burge who undertook a residency at the University in 2011 to 2012 and it is dedicated to her.

Click on the images below to find out more about the individual water features on the Jubilee Water Walk:

When walking on the Streatham Campus please follow University Guidelines.

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