Kurt Jackson - The Cornish Trembling Sea Mat

Kurt Jackson

The Cornish Trembling Sea Mat

Bronze and granite

Gifted to the Cornwall Campus by the artist in 2010

Location: Please note that this artwork is currently in storage during building works.

This sculpture consists of a bronze bowl resembling the Trembling Sea Mat.

It holds water that is pumped by the power of the sun before it flows down and over two large monoliths of local granite – the sculpture aims to make the connection between sustainability, climate change, habitat loss and loss of biodiversity.
The work is based on the presence of one of the rarest animals in Britain – The Trembling Sea Mat. Endangered by loss of habitat and climate change, one of the last colonies of this animal is now found at Swanpool near Tremough campus.
The water sculpture marks a new development for an artist best known for landscape paintings. The water sculpture is designed to be sustainable with the pump being operated by a solar panel and the water recycled from the School of Mines. 
The water may not always be flowing; because the pump relies on a sustainable source of power from the sun. Both the granite base and the bronze bowl are made from locally-sourced materials.

Kurt Jackson lives in West Cornwall and is an Honorary Graduate of the University of Exeter.

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Photograph © University of Exeter


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