Making the Snow Leopard

Making the Snow Leopard   


On the week of 2 - 6 June 2014, a group of undergraduate students created the snow leopard sculpture, under the supervision of willow sculptor, Serena de la Hay.

It was created as part of Grand Challenges,an initiative in which students undertake projects which address challenges for the 21st century.  This particular group of students focussed on the challenge, "What sort of earth do we want for our children?".

The names of the students were Felix Leung, Sophie Rees, Cindy Francesca, Georgiana Nicolae, Paul Green, Beatriz Hernandez, Jennifer Livesey, Lucy Forsey and Luke Deane.


Watch their presentation about the process of making of the snow leopard here:


Image Gallery

Below are a series of images showing the development of the sculpture.  Click on any picture to see a larger version.