This area features a man-made watercourse following the natural contours of the grounds.
It features a variety of planting including: Camelias, Eucalyptus and a collection of Ferns and Azaras.
A bug hotel also provides an opportunity for wildlife habitats with the area having a peaceful and semi-natural feel in the centre of the camp us.
Photo courtesy University of Exeters Grounds Department.
Location of the Plantation


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Song of a Lengthman 

Lengthman: (historical) a worker who cleared roadway ditches


Beyond that brilliant hank of orange twine

laid down here by the bloke whose piebald calves

lick at the bitter salt block in the meadow…


beyond the rotting fence post where the thrush –

mottled like a log – flits from the twisted cable 

that cuts beneath the beech tree’s silvered bark 

above the tawny cushion of its leaf fall… 


and down beyond the crimson bolts of dock 

and maple stems budding by the rusted 

knifeblade of the river,     here,     today,


two black caps forage near the turning eye 

of a slow-stirred pool – their dun-brown fledgling 

nestled on a trunk – coaxing him to take off, 

up, and further up, into the startling blue.


Professor Andy Brown
Associate Professor in English & Creative Writing