Gifts, loans and bequests


Gifts, loans and bequests

A significant amount of the University’s Visual Arts collection has been acquired through the generosity of artists gifting, loaning or bequeathing their work. We are extremely grateful for those artists that have donated their work to the University as this is a vital part of building and developing a diverse collection.

The University offers a range beautiful locations at its three campuses to exhibit work combined with a significant number of people who will regularly see and appreciate the work.

Recent gifts and loans to the University include work by Peter Randall Page, Kurt Jackson, Elaine Goodwin, Neil Canning and Alan Cotton. Bequests include work by Barbara Hepworth and Patrick Heron.

To discuss gifts, loans or bequest please contact Arts and Culture.  Please email or write to the Arts & Culture Co-ordinator.


Photograph: Section of 'Catch the Light' by Kurt Jackson