The Peacock

Student Art Society with Ed Crumpton

The Peacock

Aluminium composite

Location: Poole Gate just below the Forum South Piazza, Streatham Campus
The Peacock is a sculpture designed by members of the University of Exeter’s Art Society and built in collaboration with local Devon artist, Ed Crumpton.
Based on the theme of sustainability, the sculpture is formed from materials used in the construction of The Forum and aims to promote recycling.
As well as an animal of beauty, the process of replenishment in the peacock’s feathers mirrors the construction of the Forum project, converting old to new. This is fundamentally what the sculpture is; old hoardings have been used to create something new and beautiful. 

The imposing structure of the peacock in display immediately captures the viewer’s attention.  The metal structure reflects the light, colour and movement of the sculpture’s environment, creating a sense of energy within the piece.  The first band of feathers provides the grounding to the following two layers, alluding to the extensions to the old university buildings; The Forum itself and the extension of the Library.  Furthermore, the two layers, adorned with glass beads, represent the two year time scale in which the Forum was constructed.  The curve of each feather acts to complement the architecture of the building.

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Photograph © University of Exeter

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