Windows to an Ancient World


Windows to an Ancient World


See glimpses of ancient worlds and explore the evolutionary history of plants on the University's Streatham Campus

Windows to an Ancient World is a new 'Evolution Walk' that has been developed on the University of Exeter's Streatham Campus by Dr Claire Belcher, Associate Professor in Earth System Science together with Charlotte Gurr, Scientific Illustrator.

Claire is an Earth scientist specialising in the study of natural fires in the Earth system. Her research seeks to understand how evolutionary changes to ecosystems and wildfires have influenced the Earth system in the past, and integrates knowledge from cutting-edge modern experimental methods into studies of Earth’s geological past.

The Windows to an Ancient World 'Evolution Walk' will guide you through the evolutionary history of plants using the exceptional botanical collections of the University of Exeter.  Download the walk map here and look out for the green marker posts which correspond to information on the leaflet.  The walk starts at Reed Hall on the Streatham Campus.

Claire is PI of the Wildfire Lab, a European Research Council Funded Experimental Wildfire Laboratory see

Below is a gallery of the wonderful images by Charlotte Gurr depicting different plants emerging during different eras of the Earth's evolution: